Foulab/@party Mini-Demoparty

Do you code, build electronics, or make computer art or music? Are you interested in overcoming formal constraints with your creativity? Then come to Foulab’s first Demoshow (co-organized by Metoikos, lead organizer of @party), a meetup for all interested in the demoscene.

Demos are realtime noninteractive audiovisual demonstrations made on a computing device. Many demoparty competitions include films, hardware hacks, and more! For more information check out the @party website.


Minidemo: A place for Montréal sceners to reconnect, and folks new to the demoscene to discover it.

We will have one fast demo compo. All tools allowed. Hardware available onsite will be noted soon. Projector is a Viewsonic PJD6241.

Compo rules will be to follow the theme (announced at 10:00 on the 27th); as long as what you produce runs in realtime, any libraries are allowed.

If you need anything else, you should bring it. Site will open at 10:00 on the 27th, and close at 1am on the 28th. Deadline for fast compo entries will be 7pm. Demoshow will start at 19:00, compo entries will be shown at 21:00. Voting will start at 23:00. 40 people can attend during the day (until 7pm). For the demoshow we’ll let in whoever wants to see it (max 100).


27th November 2010 – 28th November 2010.


The goal of foulab is to provide its members an environment and resources that allow them to exchange knowledge, ideas and explore new technologies. To that end, the organization will arrange a space which allows its users to collaborate.

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If you have any queries, please contact us at info at foulab dot org or atparty dot demoscene09 at gmail dot com.

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